Latest-generation navigation system in use at Besançon University Hospital: reduced radiation exposure and more efficient workflow

The paediatric department at Besançon University Hospital is the first hospital in France to purchase the most innovative navigation system from 7D Surgical. The FLASH™ navigation system works completely without intraoperative X-rays, which is of enormous benefit to the health of young patients in particular, but also to the entire operating theatre staff. Due to the very short registration time, navigation time is greatly reduced compared to conventional navigation systems: with conventional systems, re-registration is a very time-consuming process – with the FLASH navigation system, this usually takes less than 30 seconds.
Professor Benoit DE BILLY, Doktor Jérémie NALLET
Professor Benoit DE BILLY, Doctor Jérémie NALLET
The paediatric department in Besançon focuses on scoliosis in children. Following comprehensive training of the operating theatre staff by the Stöckli Medical AG team, the 7D navigation system has been in operation since 19 September 2023. Since then, several operations have already been performed under the supervision of the Stöckli team.
The advantages of “FLASH™ Navigation” in detail
FLASH™ Navigation uses structured light to combine the camera image with a CT scan taken before the operation. The 3D image guidance with around 1,000,000 data points allows real-time correlation between the interaction of the surgical instrument and the CT images. This enables safe and precise work on the spine. In addition, the radiation exposure is eliminated and the fast registration reduces the operation time and therefore also the costs.
The device is operated intraoperatively by the surgeon using a foot pedal, so no additional personnel are required. In addition, the surgeon has full control over the process, can control the workflow himself and thus reduce valuable operating time. The planning is done before the operation. Intraoperative plan changes can be made quickly and easily by a non-sterile person.