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Who we are – what we stand for

We are a Swiss, family owned company in the field of medical devices and services. Our purpose is to provide superior patient outcome through innovations, individualized educational programs, highly engaged customers and an excellent customer service.

We are active throughout Switzerland and support more than 65 Hospitals in the french, italian and german speaking part of Switzerland with a team of about 20 employees.

Our solutions – for better patient outcomes

With the ambition of introducing innovative solutions that enhance patient care in Switzerland, Maurus Stöckli founded the company in the year 2010. We believe that especially for spinal surgeries there is still room to provide better patient outcomes with innovative solutions in the future. Our ambition is to support the healthcare system, surgeons and patients to have access to such systems.

See the innovations, that have been or are being introduced by Stöckli Medical:

Full endoscopic spine surgery:

This minimally invasive solution for the treatment of herniated disc or stenosis with an incision of only 8 mm offers many advantages: Virtually no bleeding, significantly reduced postoperative pain, minimal scarring, faster recovery and return to activities.

Vertebral Compression Fractures:

Our range offers solutions for vertebroplasty with various cements of different viscosities, temperatures and processing times. In the area of balloon kyphoplasty, there are steerable balloons for unipedicular access, double balloons through which fractures can be straightened more specifically than with single balloons, and attractive single balloon systems with various access options. The tumor ablation system STAR  provides unparalleled contro and steerability  in ablating tumors of the vertebral body using radiofrequency energy to locally destroy tumor cells.

7D Navigationssystem:

This novel navigation solution from 7D Surgical uses machine vision technology for spine procedures. The advantages of this technology are: Highly efficient workflow, minimized intraoperative radiation exposure; High accuracy; Cost efficiency.


Thanks to the control of this RoboticScope microscope with head movements, the surgeon can guide his instruments from an ergonomically optimal position even looking at the anatomy at an angle.

Protective products

Stöckli Medical offers a wide range of high-quality protective products:

Medical Face Masks
Filtering face pieces FFP2
Medical Masks for children, Medical Masks for teenagers 
Mask Holder

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Our People – committed employees make the difference

To improve patient care, we need to provide intelligent technologies and services. That’s why we need good people. We offer interesting jobs in a dynamic environment and nice development possibilities.

As employees are best in what they love most, we align their personal development goals and ambitions with the many interesting work fields we can offer.