Quick-Core – Biopsy Needle and Needle Set

What is Quick-Core® Biopsy Needle?

The Quick-Core® Biopsy Needle is a device used in minimally invasive soft-tissue biopsy procedures that can be performed in a specialists office or in a hospital setting. The Quick-Core® Biopsy Needle is indicated for soft-tissue biopsy.

How Quick-Core® Biopsy Needle and Needle Set Works?

The soft tissue biopsy procedure can be done under local anesthetic. The procedure usually takes less than an hour to complete. The Quick-Core® set includes a stainless steel trocar.


  • The lightweight and compact Quick-Core® Biopsy Needle facilitates one-handed operation during procedures
  • The precise, rapid-firing mechanism provides an intact core tissue sample
  • The beveled stylet permits easy penetration into the lesion with less trauma to surrounding tissues and organs
  • The etched tip enhances visualization under ultasound


Why use Quick-Core® Biopsy Needle versus Competitors?

  • Smart design reduces moving components allowing multiple uses without breakage
  • Sharp bevel tip with two additional facets facilitates easy placement into tissue
  • Rigid spring reduces vibration which allows better cutting of specimen preserving tissue architecture
  • Small, ergonomic and lightweight handle limits needle movement
  • No device recalls and a legacy of quality