Our Mission

Outstanding patient outcomes through disruptive innovations, highly committed customers and excellent customer service

We believe that diagnosis and treatment of pathologies should be much better explored, and as a consequence improved and further standardized. Future innovations will drastically improve patient treatment, lead to improved patient wellbeing and reduce socio-economic costs.

With the right technologies, individualized educational programs and a top service, surgeons will be able to operate safer, more reproducible and efficient. Patients will benefit from a better outcome and faster recovery.

We are active in the whole of Switzerland and support more than 65 Hospitals in french, italian and german speaking part of Switzerland with a team of about 20 employees. In these last years, we built up a market share in Spine of around 18%.

Our Strategy

Our goal is to keep patients and their families in mind to help them achieve a higher quality of life. The corner stones of our strategy is:

  • Being innovative and serve independent solutions
  • Best practice in education for surgeons and OR Staff
  • Professional surgery and service support

Our Service – The Benefit of Your Clinic


How hospitals and surgeons benefit from minimally disruptive procedures?

  • Higher patient satisfaction: Reduced blood loss, shorter surgeries and shorter hospitalization times considerably increase patient satisfaction.
  • Center of competence for minimally disruptive, reconstructive spine surgery: Our technology platforms.
  • Marketing support: Stöckli Medicals supports hospitals in marketing activities and scouting campaigns for patients and general practitioners. We help you to become an attractive contact point for patients building a strong long-term relationship to your customers.
  • Competent consulting and superior service: Stöckli Medical AG stands für competence and superior service in the field of minimally disruptive solutions for reconstructive spine surgery.

Stöckli Medical. Persönlich. Kompetent. Innovativ.