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Joline Ballon-Kyphoplastie

With Allevo, Joline offers a minimally invasive balloon catheter with a complete system for the treatment of vertebral fractures. With the help of the unique balloon design, the balloon catheter can be placed safely in the vertebra and creates the best conditions for optimal stabilization of the vertebra. The Allevo balloon catheter is available in 3 different balloon sizes.

What is the clinical problem?

Vertebral compression fractures are a common condition that can affect osteoporotic patients. When symptomatic, they can cause severe pain. This can have a major impact on patient health.

Vertebral compression fractures may be related to increasing age and the onset of osteoporosis, among other factors, as bone density decreases with age.

How does the Allevo single balloon work?

The Allevo technique follows a classic balloon kyphoplasty. An atraumatic catheter tip, an integrated kink-resistant wire and the possibility of precise positioning ensure high safety of the kyphoplasty system. An inflation device allows controlled expansion of the balloon and provides accurate pressure monitoring.


The Joline Filler Device is used to introduce the PMMA bone cement. Depending on the requirements, the filler devices are available with an anterior opening at the tip or a lateral opening for applying the cement. The cement has optimal properties for mixing, application, waiting and curing times.


What are the advantages?

  • High-quality balloon kyphoplasty system, manufactured in Germany
  • Atraumatic catheter tip
  • Integrated kink resistant wire
  • Precise positioning