EPI-PLATE – Hemi-epiphysiodesis plate

The minimally invasive treatment to guide growth

Congenital abnormalities, but also infections and injury, can cause the growth of a child’s thigh and lower leg to become unbalanced. This misalignment frequently leads to joint malalignment (varus or valgus malalignment). The classic indications are knock knees and bow legs. Limbs misaligned in this way can be corrected with a minimally invasive hemi-epiphysiodesis on the convex side, that is on the inner side in the case of knock knees and on the outer side for bow legs.

The implant restricts (desis) the growth in the growth zone (physis), allowing the growth to be guided as required. An angular deformity can corrected in this way by guiding the growth. As the bones are not severed, the possible neurovascular complications of this method are significantly less than in osteotomy. It is also possible to keep the instability of fragments and the time-consuming healing phase to a minimum.