World’s first robotic
visualisation system for
the digital OR of tomorrow

The RoboticScope® works similarly to an operating microscope, in which it visualises the finest structures. It combines the advantages of the exoscope with those of the microscope in a unique, novel concept. The difference is the separation of the oculars (image display) and the 3D camera (image acquisition) and their guidance by a high-precision robot arm, which operates with an accuracy of 0.02mm. The surgeon detaches himself from the rigid position at the eyepiece, acts freely and receives a 3D image via the Head-Mounted-Display (HMD) through 2 microdisplays, which is even finer than the human eye can perceive. With the HMD (microsensors) he intuitively controls the robot, respectively the camera system and lets the “eye” circle around the situs. The RoboticScope® is fully digital, which opens up completely new possibilities for operating.

The Idea


Good products are created by combining existing technologies, the best of all worlds, in a completely new way and by creating an innovative, disruptive idea. This is exactly what has happened with the RoboticScope®: 

  • A robot arm from a leading international Swiss company, tested many tens of thousands of times in the high-tech industry, has proven its worth and delivers top technology at affordable conditions. There is hardly a better and more precise way to design the leading arm.
  • The 3D camera with its optics was created especially for the special requirements of microsurgeons and, thanks to its high magnification (up to a factor of 34x), offers a display of the finest structures. 
  • The Head-Mounted Display enables microdisplays to display images with a precision finer than the human eye can perceive. This also applies to the temporal resolution. 
  • The system is fully digital and modular, allowing cost-effective innovations to be made available to the surgeon and clinic quickly and easily. The RoboticScope does not age, but goes with the times. 

The added value 

Good products are created by combining existing technologies, the best of all worlds, in a completely new way and coming up with an innovative, disruptive idea. This is exactly what happened with the RoboticScope®:

Intuitive and dynamic as never before

Intuitively, we look at objects from different perspectives in order to grasp them correctly. And so it is of great importance for surgeons to be able to see the anatomy quickly and intuitively from different angles in order to make the right decisions.

With the RoboticScope®, the surgeon controls the camera via the robot using simple, intuitive head gestures. He does not have to put the instruments aside to take a different view, and can thus complete the procedure dynamically and without interruption.

In situations where the smallest structures are viewed with a high zoom factor, the depth of field is considerably reduced for physical reasons. To constantly realign and refocus the conventional microscope often takes a lot of effort and time. The high precession of the robot (0.02mm) makes this much easier and saves time.

free as never before

The surgical image is only defined by the camera position – the surgeon’s field of vision is independent of body and head posture. They see the situs in the eyepieces on their HMD. This is made possible by the separation of ocular and camera. Only when the main surgeon actively changes the camera position does the image change. This allows the surgeons to adopt an upright, ergonomic posture from which they can guide the instruments better and more safely, as well as improving their own posture, thus avoiding long-term health problems.

See like never before

The surgeon focuses on a specific anatomical structure. Then he has the possibility to view this structure from different angles during the operation, without putting away the instruments. This special function is called “Orbit Mode”. While circling around the anatomy with simple, intuitive head movements, the structure in focus remains sharp. Even at high magnifications!

Simple as never before 

The RoboticScope® is a fully digital system. Camera positions can be approached precisely. This results in many advantages: 

  • Before starting the operation, the robot arm can be moved to an extended position for quick and easy application of the sterile cover 
  • Before the first cut, the robot arm can be brought into an optimum working position by means of presettings in the system 
  • Working positions that have been approached can be stored and can be approached again with high precision (picture-in-picture), so the operators can operate between two areas and resume the exact position 
  • The surgeon himself can trigger video and photo recordings by head gestures and save them in real-time (Memory Stick). They are available immediately after the end of the operation 
  • The RoboticScope has a lifting and lowering device to make it easy to push