StabiliT VP – Restore Stability

The StabiliT VP Vertebroplasty System combines Merit Medical’s patented procedure for easy preparation of the bone cement with the controlled application.

With up to two times more viscosity compared to conventional PMMA cements, you can achieve an improved distribution of cement in the vertebra. With a processing time of more than 30 minutes, greater process flexibility is allowed.

What is the clinical problem?

Vertebral compression fractures are a common disease that could affect osteoporotic patients. If they are symptomatic, they can cause pain. This could have an impact on patients’ quality of life.

Vertebral fractures may be related to increasing age and the occurrence of osteoporosis. Bone density decreases with increasing age.

How does StabiliT VP work?

The StabiliT Vertebral Augmentation System is intended for percutaneous delivery of StabiliT ER2 Bone Cement. The StabiliT ER2 Bone Cement is indicated for the treatment of pathological fractures of the vertebrae using a vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty procedure. Painful vertebral compression fractures may result from osteoporosis, benign lesions (hemangioma), and malignant lesions (metastatic cancers, myeloma).

The application of the bone cement processes directly out of the mixing cartridge. A transfer is therefore no longer necessary. A simple preparation of the cement is given without shaking or stirring.

What are the advantages of StabiliT VP?

  • Longer application time: > 30 minutes for more process flexibility
  • Controlled cement application and interruption of the delivery
  • Reduced radiation exposure due to long application pipe (61 cm)
  • Easy preparation without shaking, pressing or stirring
  • Application processes directly out of the mixing cartridge – no decanting of the cement required

You can find the surgery technique here.