Multidirectional expandable TLIF/PLIF cage

FlareHawk is a multidirectional expandable lumbar fusion device, that can be inserted at an ultra-low profile wide before expanding up to 14 mm. With simultaneous cranial-caudal and medial-lateral expansion, FlareHawk is designed to provide sagittal and coronal correction, foraminal height restoration, and the stability to promote fusion. Its pencil-like insertion profile and innovative instrumentation respects patients’ neural, vascular, bony, and soft tissue anatomy while also facilitating the surgeon’s preferred technique. The implant can be used as TLIF or PLIF.

Video FlareHawk 7 (endoscopic approach)
Video FlareHawk 9

FlareHawk consists out of two parts, the titanium shim and a PEEK shell, which can be assembled in different combinations to cover a wide range of requirements regarding the patient’s anatomy (footprint, lordosis). Thanks to this structure, FlareHawk has a validated 97.4% fusion rate with regular biomaterial.

The open architecture of the implant allows for continuous graft delivery through the implant and out into the disc space. Graft volume is only restricted by the quantity of disc removed. Additionally, the design of the cages conforms to individual patient’s endplate topography. Naturally occurring deformation of multimaterial bi-directional cage may increase the bone-implants interface’s surface area and better distribute the load across the endplate.

FlareHawk is available in two sizes, the FlareHawk7, with a 7mm width, and the FlareHawk9, with a 9mm width, and can be inserted endoscopically or minimally invasive. Patented instruments with modular handles and shaft diameters are compatible with the common endoscopes and deliver the opportunity for real-time visualization of the disc and endplate preparation.

Dimensions FlareHawk7:

Dimensions FlareHawk9: