SonaStar – Accuracy Matters

The SonaStar is an advanced ultrasonic system for precise soft tissue aspiration and removal of osseous structures. It is engineered for maximum simplicity and intuitive use. The ultrasonic components are optimized for high efficiency and reliability.

What is the clinical problem?

To remove unwanted tissue from the body, different procedures were used in the past. However, it is difficult to remove the complete tissue to make sure that the tissue does not spread out again. SonaStar uses ultrasonic technology to remove unwanted tissue in a controlled way.

How does SonaStar work?

The SonaStar consists of two components: a sterile handpiece and an ultrasonic console. The handpieces are core system components. They feature a straight and streamlined aspiration channel to yield maximum aspiration efficiency and minimize any risk of clogging.

SonaStar has a dynamic tissue selective response. It enables the surgeon to balance between power and selectivity by setting the vibration. Increasing the vibration leads to decreased selectivity and high ablation rates are achieved. At low vibration rates, tissue selectivity is increased.

What are the advantages of SonaStar?

The dynamic tissue response of SonaStar helps to preserve nerves and blood vessels while enabling the removal of tough tissues. It is easy to set up and delivers a high comfortability for the surgeons to work with.

SonaStar Broschüre

OsteoSculpt bone shavers (long) SonaStar aspiration tips SonaStar specialty aspiration tips OsteoSculpt bone shavers (short)