Back pain: Is the sacroiliac joint the cause?

Do you suffer from back pain during the day or at night?
Have you had to limit your daily activities because your back hurts so much?
Does your back hurt even on less strenuous days?

At some point in their lives, 75% of all people are affected by back pain. In up to 30% of cases of back pain, the sacroiliac joint is the cause of the discomfort or is involved in the cause. It is important to know the problem of the sacroiliac joint and find ways to relieve the pain.

The SI Joint Pain Quiz will help you identify if the pain in your back may be coming from the sacroiliac joint. In addition, the quiz gives you the opportunity to get in touch with a specialist.  Click on the image to start the quiz.

For more patient information on the sacroiliac joint, read the following blog post: The painful sacroiliac joint: information for patients

NOTE: Only a doctor can diagnose SI joint dysfunction. This quiz is not a substitute for a physician’s evaluation or diagnosis.