This June, Stöckli Medical and Centinel Spine invited for the “Total Disc Replacement Symposium – It’s time for another look” in Zurich. The high-level presentations from national and international faculties, the case discussions with e-voting and especially the open discussions were extremely valuable.

Motion solutions can help to provide better mobility and may even postpone a next surgery in adjacent segments. With clinical usage since 1990, the prodisc technology has been validated with over 240,000 device implantations worldwide and more than 540 published papers.

Dr. Richard Guyer, Co-founder of the Texas Back Institute and Director of their Spine Fellowship Program, presented on his experience that showed a removal/revision rate of only 1.46% in the treatment of 1775 patients who underwent a lumbar TDR operation. PD Dr. Mehren from Schön Klinik Munich presented on his 20 years of experience and the value he places on the durability of the prodisc implants of Centinel Spine.

We would like to thank Prof. Heini who, as scientific coordinator and moderator, led very professionally through the symposium and engaged the plenum. The presentations of Dr. Guyer, PD Dr. Mehren, Prof. Franke, Prof. El Hindy, Dr. Bigdon and Dr. Fathi provided great insights and thoughts for reflection. Prof. Marnay and Dr. Hirsch shared their experience of more than 1400 lumbar TDRs performed, followed-up and analysed.

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