Stöckli Medical extends its product range with a top innovation

The RoboticScope® 

As a family business specialising in innovative medical products, we are expanding our range of products with a completely new type of robotic technology that also fits synergetically into the existing product portfolio. With the RoboticScope®, we will be able to offer the world’s first robotic visualisation tool in the whole of Switzerland which, in its basic function, currently displays anatomical structures in an enlarged form for the surgeon, similar to an operating microscope, for microsurgeons specialising in spinal column surgery, neurosurgery, ENT, plastic surgery and maxillofacial surgery and other disciplines. As a fully digital 3D visualisation system, the RoboticScope® enables new forms of surgery and redefines the possibilities in microsurgery. 


The RoboticScope® is the first robotic visualisation tool worldwide. The RobotisScope® essentially consists of a corpus with all control and supply systems, the high-precision robot arm of a Swiss company and the 3D camera system specially developed for microsurgery. The visualisation for the surgeons is done via a Head-Mounted-Display (HMD) and offers the surgeon a highly precise image of the operating site. The surgeon can operate freely and dynamically, no longer has to interrupt the operation briefly and put away the instruments for a change of perspective, he controls the robot and thus the camera system, which is carried and guided by the robot, with intuitive head gestures. The separation of oculars and camera allows a more ergonomic operation, instruments can be guided more safely and better from a good posture, this is also advantageous for the surgeon’s own ergonomics. The digital platform opens up unimagined possibilities in terms of image processing and working methods. Other image sources, such as an endoscope, MRT/CT image data can be placed next to the situs in perspective (picture-in-picture). Working positions can already be saved and moved to again today. The RoboticScope® changes the way we think and work. The world’s first systems were put into operation in the USZ, ENT, Prof. Huber and in the LUKS, ENT, Prof. Linder. The first operations were also carried out at these centres. The world’s first operation was performed on 13.5.2020 by Prof. Huber. 


In the meantime, the Stöckli Medical AG team has been trained on the new technology and has very successfully accompanied the first product demonstrations and test operations. “It is very important to us that we are allowed to quickly build up a very high level of know-how and experience, to improve processes together with renowned surgeons and centres and to develop new standards in microsurgery. We see an enormous potential for process optimisation in the age of digitalisation,” says Maurus Stöckli, entrepreneur and CEO.


The personal support of our customers is particularly important to us. We see it as our task to implement new ideas together, to take everyone in the OR team along, to train them conscientiously and comprehensively on the products, to document this knowledge well for the OR team and to always be there to support our customers. Always looking ahead, in order to constantly improve processes in the OR workflow and establish them at a high quality level in the long term. For this purpose we have a team of dynamic and experienced employees who bring the necessary expert knowledge with them (Philipp Stöckli, Managing Director).