Due to the severe global undersupply of numerous protection products in connection with COVID-19, the number of dubious sources increased rapidly. Stöckli Medical supports with premium-quality products such as protective masks, suits, goggles, infrared clinical thermometers etc. We fought our way through the jungle of providers to offer to best support our customers and save life by ordering more than 10 Mio masks.

Stöckli Medical is your specialist for spinal and orthopaedics surgery. Internationally we are active with our sister company 7S Medical International AG. Due to current drastic events, we provide prevention products such as protective masks (type II / IIR, FFP2 N95), gloves, protective suits, face shields, protective glasses, etc. In addition, fever measurement gates for personnel entrances, schools, public transport, banks etc. will also be evaluated.

In the last weeks we have experienced a lot. We have screened over 70 companies, only a few have met the quality guidelines. It was hair-raising to see how many dishonest companies are on the market and fake documents exist. Examples are wrong approval bodies, intentionally illegible information, CE referenced to wrong tests, DIN tests which were carried out at bogus companies (which were held by friends), expired CE or no signed CE to list a few of them.

Premium Quality of Products

As a well-established Swiss company, we have a long-standing commitment and attach great importance to the high quality of the products. Therefore, it was our aim to offer premium protective products which not only meet the standards, but also surpass for example protective masks. The EN14683 demands a BFE (Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) of >98% for a mask of type II, our 3-ply non-woven mask demonstrably offers >99%, which means 100% higher effectiveness and thus higher safety.

The challenge when checking the quality of protective masks is that the CE is – unlike with implants – a self-declaration for protective masks and sends a deceptive security. More important however is that the corresponding DIN tests were carried out by a laboratory designated for this DIN test to be sure that you receive what they promise. For this, we work with an auditor in our team who also audits for BSI (one of the largest medical technology approval bodies).

While sourcing, various factors such as production capacities, express logistics costs and logistics difficulties are constantly changing. The prices are very volatile and higher than normal.

Quality Management and Compliance

As a highly agile, well connected MedTech company, Stöckli Medical count on a broad, international manufacturer network (Europe, Asia and USA) and have a high level of competence in the procurement and development of quality medical product.

In no time, we set up a team of 20 people that supports intensively with sourcing expertise to meet demand. This process is resource-intensive and time-consuming, but essential to ensure the desired quality.

We developed a five-stage cascade model to evaluate suppliers that sets higher requirements than the regulations require. We not only check the required certificates, but also the tests of laboratories, as well as their accreditation and the reliability of the producers. Furthermore, a professional Swiss medical device consulting company verifies each supplier.

Your Trustworthy Partner today and tomorrow

With almost 10 years dedicated commitment and experience in the field of traumatology and spine products throughout Switzerland, we already support more than 65 Hospitals in the French, Italian and German speaking part of Switzerland.

More than 1.5 Mio Face Masks have been sourced for our customers now and there are over 8.5 Mio Face Masks in the ordering process at our manufacturing centers. We are always on a quest to help drive better health for all. In this extraordinary situation, we offer a hand and support hospitals and healthcare organizations with their procurement. Personal, innovative, competent.