Are you looking for a partner with proven track record to develop your medical device market in Switzerland?

Stöckli Medical AG is an experienced partner to help you building up and running the operations in Switzerland. As distribution partner, agent or consultant, we have successfully introduced innovative medical technologies, performed educational activities (symposia, wet-labs, surgeon-to-surgeon mentoring, in-house training) and run logistics & customer service.

As a producer of Medical Technologies, the challenges to develop new countries are manyfold: Understanding the market, access to customers & surgeons, building up the right people & resources, logistics, tax optimization etc. just to name a few.

Stöckli Medical has in-depth experience in developing innovative medical technologies as distribution partner, as agent, as consultant or service provider: In the highly competitive minimally invasive spine segment, we were able to build up a market share of 18% within 8 years. We believe that our competencies could help companies in search for a successful and sustainable market development in Switzerland.

For more than 2 years, Stöckli Medical has been a service partner for a worldwide leading global Spine Company. See what they tell about us:

Stöckli Medical can act as service provider for market development, customer service, logistics or other services. Stöckli Medical could also provide facilities in one of the most tax friendly environment in Switzerland, e.g. to set up a regional headquarter.

Depending on your needs, we can support as distribution partner, agent, consultant or service provider.  We are interested to listen to you, discuss your plans and share our experience and competencies for you to successfully enter or develop your market in Switzerland.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Contact : Philipp Stöckli, +41 79 214 42 45,

Our scope of services:

Market Development & Sales

  • Analysing the market & reimbursement situation
  • Analyzing and defining go-to-market strategies and sales channels
  • Developing and implementing a market introduction & penetration strategy
  • Surgeon education initiatives
  • Defining & implementing educational strategy
  • Providing or setting up resources for market development
  • Sales calls in german, french and italian
  • Surgery support in german, french and italian

Supply Chain Management

  • As non-EU country: Manage international transports (Import/Export, customs)
  • Build up warehouse & respective management
  • Managing loan sets (also non-sterile complex sets)
  • Managing customer orders (reservations, set-up, inbound & outbound control, cleaning etc.)
  • Surgery management
  • Managing RMA process & documentation

    Customer Service

    • Communication in German, French and Italian to address the languages spoken
    • Order processing
    • Invoicing, Accounts receivables, dunning
    • Generating offers
    • Managing prices (supply/customers)
    • Manage Consignment contracts and stocks
    • Quality management (ISO)

    Additional Services

    • Strategic Consulting: Set up headquarter in region with one of the lowest corporate taxes in Switzerland (& worldwide), Corporate Governance, Management consulting, M&A, Tax consulting, Board of Directors
    • Education: Hospitations, Symposia, Wet-labs, surgeon-to-surgeon mentoring, in-house training & respective contracts
    • Marketing: Congresses, Marketing activities and campaigns
    • Accounting: Finance, accounting, invoicing, insurances
    • Human Resources: Recruiting, Contracts, Development, Coaching, Training
    • Legal : Quality Management System (ISO 9001 & 13485), Contract law, Trademark law, Patent law