Roundtable Discussion: New Treatment Option for Chronic Low Back Pain by Restoration of Muscle Activation

Stöckli Medical AG invited Pain Doctors and national Clinical Experts to a Roundtable Discussion in Berne. The topic “New Treatment Option for Chronic Low Back Pain Patients” provided valuable insights and initiated an exchanging discussion.

As specialist for back pain solutions and spine surgery, Stöckli Medical AG is always striving to provide innovative approaches for better patient care. In October, Stöckli Medical AG invited national and international thinking-ahead doctors for a roundtable discussion in Berne, Switzerland. The aim to share experience about a New Treatment Option for CLBP-Patients and Clinical Update was exceeded thanks to the inputs and the experience of valuable experts.

The key learnings can be summarized as follows:

  • Chronic back pain is an enormous and often long-lasting burden for the patient with large economic impact
  • It is crucial to break the vicious circle of pain – multifidus muscle inhibition – functional spine joint instability – spine joint or tissue overload – pain
  • There is a new therapy available to break this vicious circle by restoration of muscle activation (ReActiv8)
  • Clinical results state clinically important, significant and lasting improvements in disability, pain and quality of life

Everybody gained benefit from the following case discussions and follow up results. Dr. Herschkowitz stated: “I could experience an excellent organised expert meeting with very good presentations and discussions. The new therapeutic approach in chronic back pain is innovative and, minimal invasive and shows good results”.

How does the solution work?

Stöckli Medical would like to thank especially to Dr. P. Mavrocordatos, Chairman of the event and renowned Dr. A. Ardeshiri from Klinikum Itzehoe, Hamburg as faculty. Thanks to all surgeons and pain doctors for their participation as well as sharing thoughts and experiences.