Due to the highly developed training program by Stöckli Medical and Dr. Fournier, surgeons with basic experience could strongly improve their competence in full endoscopic spine surgery and learn about benefits as fast rehabilitation, postoperative follow up costs and reduction of dural tears, nerve damages or infections convinced.

Voices of the participants as: “The best course since a long time” or “Extremely learning intensive course with an incredible extension of the horizon and the learning of a new modern technique, which will be the future” motivate Stöckli Medical AG to repeat this training.

Best practice in endoscopic surgery

The two-day training program “Full-Endoscopic Surgery for Lumbar Disc Herniations and First Experience in Stenosis Treatment” took place in September 2019. The first day started with a problem-based presentation and discussion about technical and practical challenges when starting with endoscopy. Furthermore, different surgery steps with possible challenges and how to solve them were discussed.

On the second day, practical exercises were performed on RealSpine simulation models adapted to the Peyton model. To allow the surgeons to do different and complex surgeries, four interlaminar disc herniations with interlaminar approach were operated under the lead of the faculties.

How to reduce learning curve in full-endoscopic spine surgery

Endoscopic spine surgeries are often connected to long learning curves. The indirect 2D view on the monitor, the long instruments and unfamiliar colours often can discourage in learning this new technique.

To challenge the learning curve Stöckli Medical AG jointly developed a training program together with Dr. Fournier. As the analysis shows an average improvement of 35% after four repetitions, we proved that surgery time can be drastically reduced through repetitive trainings and standardized surgery steps.

While the average time for the first round was 37:18 min, the fourth round was already finished after 14:46 min on average. Not only the time measurement, but also the level of competence was compared before and after the training.

Support by international faculties

Stöckli Medical AG would like to thank the experienced faculties Dr. Jean-Yves Fournier, Chief Surgeon of Neurosurgery department in Hôpital du Valais, Sion and Dr. Ali-Güven Yörükoglu, a well-known surgeon from Avrasya Hospital Istanbul, Turkey and clinical consultant of RIWOspine. With their broad experience, their skills and knowledge about tips and tricks in endoscopic spine surgery, the course was held on a high-quality level to assist each participant on its individual development and provided the surgeons with the best possible experience for learning full-endoscopic surgery.

The training was supported by RIWOspine GmbH who provided endoscopic equipment, by Realists for the RealSpine models and the Hôpital du Valais for allowing to perform the course in their premises.