The rapidly advancing digitalization in Switzerland is leading to a shortage of specialists in ICT (Information & Communication Technology) professions. According to studies, there will be a shortage of up to 40,000 skilled workers over the next 8 years. The industry wants to and must tackle the problem and offer more training places in the future. Stöckli Medical is aware of this situation and therefore offers 3 attractive mediamatic apprenticeships. 

On our own behalf: For the second time since 2014, central Swiss professional championships, the SwissSkills 2018, took place‎ in‎ Berne‎ between‎ 12‎ and‎ 16‎ September.‎ Our‎ apprentice‎ Gian‎ Herzog,‎ a‎ 4th‎ year‎ trainee‎ in‎ mediamatics,‎ came‎ 6th‎ in‎ the‎ ICT‎ category.‎ The‎ whole‎ Stöckli‎ Medical‎ Team‎ congratulates‎ Gian.