Radiofrequency surgery system


The Radioblator RF4 radiofrequency generator with an operating frequency of 4 MHz is the heart of an effective tissue-sparing coagulation system. Compared to conventional high-frequency devices on the market, the current frequency of the RF4 is around 10 times higher.

While safe coagulation and ablation of the tissue at the electrode can be achieved by direct contact with the tissue, neighbouring tissue areas experience significantly less heat. This minimizes the occurrence of thermally induced tissue necrosis and irritation in adjacent nerves. The actively articulating TipControl RF electrode enables controlled positioning of the radiofrequency application in the tissue.

Thinking around the corner – the TipControl concept

TipControl instruments can be angled at the distal end. They are used in particular for full-endoscopic operations on the spine in order to achieve a sufficient range of movement through minimally invasive approaches to the surgical site.

TipControl RF instruments

Precisely focused 4 MHz radiofrequency technology for fully endoscopic spinal surgery. Your advantages in function and ergonomics:

360° handling without changing the position of the hand
Ergonomic handle shape for optimum use with all full-endoscopic approaches
Maximum safety thanks to thumb ring guide
Different working lengths for interlaminar and transforaminal applications
Targeted application and precision thanks to the bendable articulated tip

Radioblator RF 4MHz

The precisely focused effect of 4 MHz technology to preserve peripheral tissue makes the Radioblator RF 4 MHz ideal for applications close to delicate structures, such as neurosurgery and spinal surgery. The complete radiofrequency surgery solution offers efficient ablation, gentle coagulation and a range of cutting modes in monopolar or bipolar applications.