Robotics, Navigation & More

7D Navigationssystem    Machine-Vision Technology
RoboticScope    robotic visualisation tool
Navigationssystem HNO Flagon
Full-Endoscopic Spine Surgery
SonicOne    Ultrasonic system to treat chronic wounds 

Spinal surgery

Endoscopic System    Full-endoscopic Spine Surgery
FlareHawk    Multidirectional expandable TLIf/PLIF cage
BoneScalpel    Ultrasonic bone cutting device
DTRAX    Posterior cervical decompression and fusion system
Prodisc-C Vivo    Cervical total disc replacement implant
Prodisc-L    Lumbar total disc replacement implant
iFuse    Sacro-lilac joint fusion system
PerOssal    Osteostimulating bone subsitute

Vertebral Compression Fractures

Joline Balloon-Kyphoplasty
Joline Doubleballoon-Kyphoplasty    Quattroplasty
StabiliT RFK    Vertebralaugmentationsystem-radiofrequency kyphoplasty
StabiliT Vertebroplasty    Vertebralaugmentationsystem
Cement Portfolio: StabiliT ER2 VP, StabiliT ER2 RFK, BonOs Inject, Osteo-Site

Tumor Treatment

Merit STAR    Ablation system for spinal metastases
SonaStar    Ultrasonic system for precise tumor aspiration


Soft Tissue Biopsy
Breast Lesion Localizationsneedle

Datamanagement for Spine

KEOPS    Datamanagement for spine surgeons