Market Development – for Medical Device Manufacturers

Do you have a product bringing proven clinical benefits in the Spine or “Orthopaedic” market? As a highly agile and well connected MedTech company in Switzerland we have a proven track record of bringing solutions to a market leading position. Find your ideal partner for market development in Switzerland! Contact us on

Why Switzerland?

Do you look for a perfect location to test your product clinically and commercially ? Switzerland is one of the most important locations for the global medical technology industry. Why is that?

There is in fact no other country in which medical technology enjoys such high status in comparison with total GDP and the working population than Switzerland. The combination of first-class research facilities and a highly developed healthcare system that demands the right products and stimulates innovation makes Switzerland an extremely attractive location for research, development, production and clinical & commercial market testing.

  • Highly educated surgeons and infrastructure to test new products clinically and commercially
  • Swiss medical technology market is very international
  • Switzerland will accept medical devices with FDA approval for the welfare of its own population.
    This allows better patient care and makes Switzerland an innovation hub within Europe.
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  • Growth in the medtech sector has been stable for years and regularly above that of GDP
  • The healthcare system in Switzerland is financially sound and is considered to be an important strategic and clinical market for medtech products
  • Switzerland is one of the highest spenders on its healthcare system per capita, making it an attractive sales market for medical equipment manufacturers.
  • Ability of the countryʼs social security funds to reimburse expenses incurred for medicines in a rapid and uncomplicated manner


Why Stöckli Medical

Stöckli Medical AG is an experienced partner to help you building up and running your market development and  operations successfully in Switzerland.

Stöckli Medical AG is an experienced partner to help you building up and running the operations in Switzerland. As distribution partner, agent or consultant, we have successfully introduced innovative medical technologies, performed educational activities and run logistics & customer service

As a producer of Medical Technologies, the challenges to develop new countries are manyfold: Understanding the market, access to customers & surgeons, building up the right people & resources, logistics, tax optimization etc. just to name a few.

Stöckli Medical has in-depth experience in developing innovative medical technologies as distribution partner, as agent, as consultant or service provider: In the highly competitive minimally invasive spine segment, we were able to build up a market share of 18% within 8 years. We believe that our competencies can help companies in search for a successful and sustainable market development in Switzerland.


Our Services

We have strong experience in the following fields:


Market Development & Sales

  • Analysing the market & reimbursement situation
  • Analyzing and defining go-to-market strategies and sales channels
  • Defining & implementing educational strategy
  • Providing or setting up resources for market development
  • Surgery support in german, french and italian


Supply Chain Management

  • Warehouse management
  • Managing loan sets
  • Managing customer orders (registering, picking, inbound & outbound control, cleaning…)
  • Surgery management
  • International transports (Switzerland is not part of EU)


Customer Service

  • Customer communication in German, French and Italian
  • Order processing
  • Invoicing, Accounts receivables, dunning
  • Managing contracts, consignments, offers, prices…


Additional Services

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Marketing: Congresses, Marketing activities and campaigns
  • Accounting: Finance, accounting, invoicing, insurances,
  • Human Resources: Recruiting, Contracts, Development, Coaching, Training,
  • Quality management

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