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Looking for a life without back pain?

Minimally invasive treatment for spinal compression fractures

Back pain can have many different causes. Back pain is very common in the developed world. Osteoporosis is a possible cause of it.

Diagnosis: osteoporosis what does it mean?

Osteoporosis means ‘porous bones’, from the Greek: osteon meaning ‘bone’ and poros meaning ‘pore’. It is a disease of the bones that leads to an increased risk of fracture. In healthy people, the bones remain strong because bone disintegration is counterbalanced by new bone formation. Osteoporosis upsets this balance, making the bones become porous and breakable. Tiny hair-like fractures can form in the vertebrae. In time, these can lead to severe chronic back pain.

Osteoporosis, a common illness

Demographic developments and lifestyle changes will contribute to an increase in the amount of people suffering from osteoporosis. Vertebral compression fractures are among the most common complications of osteoporosis. These occur not only as a result of falls, they can also be caused by everyday actions such as lifting a bag, bending over or even just sneezing. Fractured vertebrae and loss of bone mass lead to changes in the posture. The person begins to lose height and often develops a curved back, the so-called dowager’s hump. When their vertebrae collapse, people are more and more limited in their daily lives. They become less mobile and eventually need increasing the amount of painkillers.

Ballon-Kyphoplastie eine sichere und schonende Behandlung

Wirbelkörperbrüche können sehr schmerzhaft sein und verschiedene Ursachen haben, z.B. die bereits genannte Osteoporose oder gar ein Tumorbefall. Die Ballon-Kyphoplastie ist eine innovative und ausgereifte Alternative zu den bisherigen klassischen Behandlungsmethoden, wie z.B. Bettruhe, Schmerzmittel oder Stützmieder. Diese Methode wird mit der etablierten minimal-invasiven Technik (sog. ‘Schlüssellochchirurgie’) durchgeführt. Auf einen grossen Schnitt, wie bei herkömmlichen Operationsmethoden wird verzichtet.

Balloon kyphoplasty

a minimally invasive, safe treatment

A compression fracture can be very painful. There are various possible causes, including osteoporosis (as previously mentioned) and tumors. Balloon kyphoplasty is an innovative and advanced alternative to classical treatment methods such as bed rest, painkillers or supportive corsets. It is carried out using the established techniques of minimally invasive surgery (so-called keyhole surgery). A major incision, as required for conventional surgery, is not necessary.

Joline Kyphoplasty System

helping to stabilize the back and relieve the pain caused by the vertebral fracture Joline’s balloon catheter is supplied along with a complete equipment system for treating vertebral compression fractures. The unique balloon design allows this catheter to be positioned precisely within the vertebra, so that the vertebra can be elevated and then stabilized with bone cement. Years of experience and painstaking precision work have gone into the system’s development. They guarantee a maximum of security and reliability for the user and, not least, for the patient.


In short, minimally invasive treatment that returns your quality of life

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