FLUID CONTROL Arthro is a new pump system for arthroscopic endoscopy and endoscopic spinal surgery. The particular strength of this system lies in the combination of high performance and an economical overall concept. The new software and technical improvements make FLUID CONTROL Arthro ideal for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.


The particularly refined control system quickly equalises the pressure, but also recognises abrupt interruptions to the irrigation flow, for example when the stopcock on the endoscope is closed. Visual and acoustic warnings are issued if critical overpressures occur.


The special safe flow control SPINE MODE was specially developed for use in endoscopic spinal surgery and guarantees maximum safety for perfusion management in the spinal canal:

  • Optimal endoscopic visualisation of the spinal canal and disc space
  • Increased safety through continuous pressure monitoring and overpressure control
  • Standardised application profiles for VERTEBRIS instrument systems
  • Low irrigation fluid consumption thanks to optimally regulated flow rate

Safety is our commitment

FLUID CONTROL Arthro tracks the components. The system is equipped with intelligent transponder technology. This automatically recognises whether the hose set is a system-compatible Richard Wolf set, the appropriate tube type and the number of applications still permitted.

Simply ingenious – ingeniously doubled

FLUID CONTROL Arthro combines irrigation and suction pump in one device. A vacuum pump is integrated alongside the roller pump for irrigation. This saves considerable costs.

Comprehensive user convenience

The new device design with sloping front panel makes the large touchscreen easily accessible.