Cutter and shaver system


The expansion of indications for full-endoscopic techniques for the treatment of conditions ranging from herniated discs to bony spinal canal stenosis requires efficient bone and soft tissue resection. The powerful PowerSpeed AS1 fulfils this requirement.

A large selection of sterile and reusable reamers is available for every surgical application. Specially developed burrs and shavers are the results and innovative solutions of many years of development.

NEW PowerSpeed AS1 motor system

The PowerSpeed AS1 is the universal motor system for surgical procedures on the spine. In combination with the use of various motorised handpieces and tools, the PowerSpeed AS1 enables fast, powerful and efficient resection and milling of bone and soft tissue in the spine.

Innovations include the specially developed Bluetooth wireless foot control, which enables wireless connection to the PowerSpeed AS1 control unit.

  • Modern, intuitive operation via touchscreen
  • Wireless Bluetooth radio footswitch
  • Tool recognition via RFID chip
  • Integrated communication interface to FLUID CONTROL Arthro 2204
  • Use of shaver and high-speed handpieces
  • Additional control and operation via core nova OP integration
  • Universally applicable for spinal surgery, bronchoscopy and arthroscopy

TipControl cutter

A major advantage of endoscopic surgical procedures for the spine is that the angled viewing direction allows users to “look around corners”. This enables better visualisation over a larger area during an operation. It is absolutely crucial that the working instruments can be adjusted and angled to the field of view in order to perform interventions using endoscopy.

Radioblator RF 4MHz

The precisely focussed effect of 4 MHz technology to preserve peripheral tissue makes the Radioblator RF 4 MHz ideal for applications close to delicate structures, such as neurosurgery and spinal surgery. The complete radiofrequency surgery solution offers efficient ablation, gentle coagulation and a range of cutting modes in monopolar or bipolar applications.

Sterile disposable reamers and nucleus resectors

Disposable instruments for optimised milling and resection performance in demanding endoscopic operations enable time savings with maximum precision.

Thanks to the new shaft design, the suction power is dimensioned in such a way that the tools can be operated continuously with suction connected without sensitive nerve structures being sucked in.