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Faster regeneration

Endoscopic spinal surgery can achieve the same results like an open surgery but it is significantly less invasive which means more comfort and a faster regeneration for your patients.

Patients request endoscopic spinal surgery

Data shows that endoscopy will become a standard in spine surgery. The surgeons that adopt it early will have a competitive advantage.

There is a learning curve.

As a spine surgeon you help your patients to become painfree and get them back to life quickly. You want to offer minimal invasive treatment and you are thinking about offering endsoscopic spinal surgery. But you have fear, uncertainty and doubts.

  • There is a long perceived learning curve.
  • You have respect of using unfamiliar tools that require a new handling.
  • The eye-hand movement doesn’t feel intuitive.

It doesn’t have to be so difficult.

We understand the doubts many spine surgeons have when it comes to learning endoscopy.

That is why we care about supporting you in learning this technique. Our curriculum will help you to safely become a competent endoscopic spine surgeon. We will not let you fail.

To support you we provide:

  • Tools and technology
  • Deliberate practice based learning journey
  • Experienced surgery support

Become an endoscopic spine surgeon.

At Stöckli Medial we want to make learning endoscopy simple and accessible for those who are commited to become an endoscopic spine surgeon. This is possible with a deliberate practice based learning journey and a network of experts!

After researching best practice for adult learning, we are launching a result-based program that is aimed to get you where you want to be. We have been refining this curriculum.

As general awareness about endoscopy is increasing, referral doctors and happy patients will recommend competent endoscopic spine surgeons.

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Talk to somebody of our team to analyse your individual situation and goals to get a personalized learning plan.

3. Provide endoscopic treatment

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