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Vertect Jack Device

Fehling – VERTECT Jack Device

The VERTECT Jack Device from Fehling Instruments was specially developed for the treatment of vertebral compression fractures.

This VERTECT restoration instrument is an alternative to kyphoplasty balloons and vertebral implants.

What is the clinical problem?

After a vertebral compression fracture, the risk of fractures in the adjacent vertebral bodies is increased. In addition, due to the changed balance of the spinal column, incorrect loading and degeneration of the disc can occur. Thanks to the VERTECT Jack Device, the anatomical vertebral body height can be restored sufficiently to reduce the risk of consequential damage.

How does the VERTECT Jack Device work?

The VERTECT Jack Device is placed transpedicular directly under the fracture in the closed state. With manual and controlled lifting force, VERTECT can be released and restore vertebral body height. After restoring the vertebral body, the VERTECT device is folded back and retracted. After this step, the vertebral body can be stabilized with cement.

What are the advantages of the VERTECT Jack Device?

The lifting power of the instrument can be controlled exactly where it is needed.

With the restoration instrument, the user can decide which fragment of the vertebral body should be lifted in the respective direction.

Due to the excellent control of the lifting process, the vertebral body can be lifted higher on average and safely anatomically restored compared to conventional systems.

Since the VERTECT device is removed after the vertebral body restoration, nothing remains in the patient except cement.

For patients with osteoporosis, the cement remains more stable thanks to the star-shaped cavity produced by the instrument.

All components of the set (restoration Instrument, Access Sleeve, Cement Application Sleeve, Osteobioptome, Cement) are individually packaged and can be used as needed. This reduces costs, especially in procedures where multiple vertebral bodies are treated.

The VERTECT system also includes products for biopsy. However, compared to the usual cannulas, this is a particularly sharp and stable biopsy forceps. Thanks to this biopsy forceps reliable tissue samples can be taken.

Clinical Studies:

Bornemann R, Roessler PP, Rommelspache Y, Strauss A, Koch EMW, Pflugmacher R (2017) The Vertect Jack Device: A new method for augmentation of vertebral fractures. Clinical study with comparisons to kyphoplasty. Technology and Health Care 25: 739–747. DOI 10.3233/THC-160714