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OssDsign is a biocompatible implant, that replaces bony defects in the craniofacial skeleton.

What is the clinical Problem?

Often, cranioplasty using autologous bone or common implants lead to a high complication rate, which includes resorption, infection and protrusion. Aesthetics is for the patients an important factor, and can be optimally reconstructed by using OssDsign.

How does OssDsign work?

OssDsign is a custom specific 3D printed titanium skeleton mesh, which is combined with handcrafted precision molding of calcium phosphate material. The mesh allows for tissue ingrowth and vascularisation to improve soft tissue healing. The implants can be easily fixated to the skull with micro screws. Due to the specificity of the implant for every patient, OssDsign results in a precise fit for variable cranioplasty needs. Because of its unique bioceramic material and its hydrophilic surface, healing properties are maximized.

Advantages of OssDsign

  • Patient specific 3D printed implants
  • Optimal fit into defect
  • Improved soft tissue healing by upregulation of collagen in soft tissue covering the implant
  • Reduced rate of infections
  • Sustained bone remodelling through cell-mediated resorption and stimulation of new bone formation
  • Easy fixation using low profile fixation arms to place screws