Fiagon ENT

Navigation system for Endoscopy and Microscopy

Fiagon navigation system can be easily integrated in any endoscopy tower of microscope. The system enables a fast and easy patient registration. Thanks to the excellent compatibility, it is possible to navigate on CT, MRI and DVT images. Each procedure can be recorded on DVD or be stored on USB or on the network.

The system is configured modularly for each indication. Basically, it consists of:

  • Navigation unit
  • Navigation sensor
  • Navigation software
  • Instruments
  • Patient localizer



The operation can be planned precisely in CT-, DVT-, or MRI images. The registration process is fast and intuitive.



Fiagon navigation system can be easily integrated in any endoscopy tower or microscope. The navigation sensor is built into the headrest of the operation table.



Fiagon navigation system can record video sequences and pictures of the operation. These data can be stored on DVD or via USB


The system supports the following navigated procedures:

  • Chronic sinusitis – removal of nasal polyps
  • Frontal sinusotomy
  • Operations with unusual sinus anatomy
  • Partial removal of the medial orbital wall
  • Resection of the ethmoid bone cells and the cuneiform bone
  • Mastoidectomy and all procedures requiring access via the mastoïd
  • Posterior tympanotomy for access to the middle-ear
  • Tumors at the Frontobasis
  • Tumors in the fossa infratemporalis
  • Tumors on the temporal bone
  • Tumors in the foramina
  • Vestibular Schwannoma (Acoustic neuroma)