Surgeon Education Program


To achieve safe and reproducible outcomes, Stöckli Medical offers a state-of-the-art educational program for health care professionals, conducted at one of our many training facilities or even in your clinic. These opportunities range from symposia, general courses, case discussions, specific cadaveric lab to specifically tailored programs.

In-House training: We train you onsite at your hospital in the latest operative techniques and introduce you into the best practices for implanting innovative technologies

Clinical visits & workshops: Learning from experienced experts and gathering knowledge of using our instruments and implants as well as the respective surgical technique. The workshops take place in our national and international centers of reference.

MVP/Cadaver Lab: Learning and applying the minimally disruptive techniques on the cadaver in the education centers of our partners.

Surgeon-to-Surgeon Programs/Mentoring: We provide you a surgeon who is familiar with the systems and techniques. The mentor will train educate you and your team onsite at the patient.

Surgery support: We guarantee your OR-staff a technical support by specialists of Stöckli Medical AG.

Simulation training for Spinal Endoscopy: Spinal endoscopy to treat herniated discs and stenosis treatment are approches that gain more and more acceptance in the World and in Switzerland due to the many advantages for patients. One major concern remains the long perceived learning curve. Stöckli Medical conceptionalized a training to reduce this learning curve drastically. The training is based on latest adult learning approaches as deliberate practice with RealSpine simulation models applied with Peyton model, gap analyses, Gibbs’s reflection models and others.


Educational Activities

International Trainings